Salvatore Ferragamo to help fund Uffizi Gallery revamp

Salvatore Ferragamo to help fund Uffizi Gallery revamp

A fashion funded makeover

Image: Uffizi Gallery
Image: Salvatore Ferragamo

On Monday, it was announced that the Salvatore Ferragamo Group has pledged to donate $826,140 to renovate eight rooms at the Uffizi Gallery in Italy

This week the Italian luxury label, Salvatore Ferragamo, showed their support towards the iconic Florence museum and reviving Italian landmarks, as Ferragamo's president unveiled the news of the brand's large investment — while Sandro Botticelli's 15th-century Annunciation to Mary set a picturesque backdrop.

The $826,140 worth of support will enable the Uffizi Gallery to reopen the eight rooms within a year and display around 50 works dating back to the 15th century, mainly by the Italian masters including Filippo Lippi, Luca Signorelli, Domenico Ghirlandaio, Pietro Perugino and Piero di Cosimo.

The Ferragamo family has recently been very proactive in seeking an opportunity to give back to the city. "We wanted to do something that would improve the city, to contribute to the Uffizi and Florence, and we were looking for a project that would be long lasting," said presiden Ferruccio Ferragamo during a preview walk-through of the Uffizi Gallery spaces that will be renovated. "We asked [superintendent to the historic and architectural patrimony and of the organization that manages Florentine museums] Cristina Acidini, and this fits our objectives."



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