A $60k Andy Warhol can now be bought with the swipe of an iPad

A $60k Andy Warhol can now be bought with the swipe of an iPad

Digital art at RoGallery

Editor: Buro 24/7

RoGallery in New York – the established fine art auction house, art dealer and gallery – has been auctioning fine art for almost two decades. Recently, the gallery launched an app, which enables its bidders to show interest in artworks with the slide of a finger

Holding an extensive collection of modern and contemporary artworks, frequently holds monthly auctions, showcasing paintings, prints, photographs, and sculptures from over 5000 artists. Acknowledging the shifting landscape of the tech world in the digital era, the gallery have recently launched RoGallery app to auction its art works. 

Created with Auction Mobility, the app is available on both Apple app store and Google Play and allows users to bid using their smart devices. The first auction to utilise the app took place on September 12 – auctioning pieces from the likes of Andy Warhol, Bernar Venet and Salvador Dali. The next will take place on September 24. 

"Artwork is an investment that lasts a lifetime and finding the perfect masterpiece for your home or office is now effortless with your iPhone or iPad," said Robert Rogal, Director of "Never before has bidding at auction been this easy – the market for fine Modern and Contemporary Art keeps growing and as of today – for the first time ever –anyone can bid directly and in real-time at auction via an iPhone or iPad, and instantly win modern and contemporary paintings, prints, photographs and sculptures."