Pharrell Williams and Al Gore announce return of climate change awareness project

Pharrell Williams and Al Gore announce return of climate change awareness project

Live Earth concerts

Al Gore and Pharrell Williams team up to announce 'Live Earth Road to Paris' global concerts at the World Economic Forum this week. The concerts will take place on seven continents, on the same day, to carry a message of climate change to the world...

Pharrell Williams and Al Gore stood side-by-side at the World Economic Forum, held in Switzerland, this week, to announce their collaborative, climate change global awareness initiative: Live Earth Road to Paris. During the joint presentation to a packed room of world leaders, Gore and Williams outlined the plans for the global, multi-venue concert, which aims to raise awareness and galvanise the world to participate in a concerted effort to improve our environment. 

The line up boasts a seven continent tour that takes place in China, Sydney, Rio De Janeiro, Cape Town, New York and Paris and, as Gore proudly announced, a concert will even take place in Antarctica. The concerts will be held simultaneously on June 18 and Pharrell Williams promised an intriguing surprise involving a world wide harmony. 

The presentation honed in on the importance of the unifying effect of music, and music's powerful ability to carry a message and this message is lound and clear: "Take climate action now".

Event organisers are aiming for two billion views on June 18, across the world, which is an ambitious reach. But with Pharrell Williams as the creative director, there is no doubt that the show's line up will have an impressive star-draw, much like the inaugural event in 2007 did. Who would you like to see in the line up to encourage you to tune in and make a change?