The new petition to knight rock legend Ozzy Osbourne

The new petition to knight rock legend Ozzy Osbourne

Receiving over 11,000 signatures so far

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A long-time fan of Ozzy Osbourne has recently started a petition that calls upon on all his of fans to sign it, in hopes of getting back him knighted by the Queen of England for services rendered to the music industry

According to the mega-fan who started the online petition, the 45 year-old Helen Maidiotis, Osbourne has given so much to his fans, that now it is time for them to give him something in return. The singer is known for developing heavy metal music, with an epic career that started in the 1970's with the band Black Sabbath. 

Maidiotis also also started a Facebook page titled 'The Knighthood of Ozz' and the singer's daughter Kelly and Ozzy's former guitarist Bernie Torme have both already backed the page and the thought of the musician receiving a knighthood from the queen.

The petition on shows over 11,000 signatures on the site already. Maidiotis states on the website, “Now in his mid '60s, I believe the time has come for him to receive a Knighthood. Please consider Mr. Osbourne for this honor as it is well deserved and long over-due."



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