Nobel Prize for literature awarded to Patrick Modiano

Nobel Prize for literature awarded to Patrick Modiano


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Patrick Modiano has been awarded the coveted Nobel Prize for literature for 2014 – making him the eleventh French writer to win the prestigious accolade

Modiano – the 107th winner of the Nobel Prize for literature – was born in Paris in 1945. The 69-year-old will be granted $1.1 million for his achievement by the Nobel Academy. His most famous work is Missing Person, a novel that won him the Prix Goncourt back in 1978 – the story explores the tale of a detective who loses his memory, and his mission to recover it.

Almost all of Modiano's works are connected with the Second World War, which isn't surprising as he hails from a historic Jewish family and his parents actually met in Paris during the Nazi occupation, his own personal history permeates his works and his literary themes consistently explore the concepts of memory, identity and time. 

18 prominent Swedish literary figures chose the Nobel Prize for literary winner. This year there were 210 nominations and 36 of the authors were first time additions. 
Last year the prestigious prize was awarded to Canadian short story author Alice Munro.

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