Photographers capture New York City locations 10 years apart

Photographers capture New York City locations 10 years apart

Back to the future

Image: James and Karla Murray

Documenting New York City’s constantly changing urban landscape, photographers James and Karla Murray unveil their images of the same locations they photographed 10 years ago

The Murray's were inspired to create this new photo series after noticing an unfortunate trend of storefronts disappearing over time while creating a book in the early-to-mid 2000's on unique mom-and-pop facades in the city.

Now, years later they returned the same stores and discovered astonishing changes.  One of the most noticeable changes seen is on New York City's 2nd Avenue, where a deli has transformed into a Chase bank.

"The trend we noticed very early on while photographing the original stores was that if the owner did not own the building, their business was in jeopardy of closing," said the photographers, "The owners frequently acknowledged that they were at the mercy of their landlords and the ever-increasing rents they charged."

The couple hopes that their images will inspire more people to make use of smaller independent businesses.

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