The Moonhouse Art Project

The Moonhouse Art Project

Play among the stars

Image: YouTube
Image: The Moonhouse

Led by Swedish artist and entrepreneur Mikael Genberg, The Moonhouse Project aims to “democratise space”

A crowd funded initiative that proposes to install a self-assembling house on the moon – to be sent up to space in October this year – is designed by American aerospace company Astrobotic. 

It's 9 square metres in size – trimmed with white fascia, windows and a front door – and will bringing the barren, dead moonscape to life for the first time in history.

Once placed on the moon, the installation will construct itself as it is filled up with gas. This means that the structure, which holds the house up and shapes the construction, can correct itself, automatically sealing itself from any leaks. 

Learn more about the project, here.

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