Kanye West talks technology in Cannes

Kanye West talks technology in Cannes

Attempting to 'liberate minds' with his ideas

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The self proclaimed "Warhol of this generation" discussed all things technologic with Steve Stoute and Ben Horowitz at the Cannes Lions festival

During a recent talk the ever confident Kanye West touched on subjects such as the recent Beats by Dre acquisition by Apple, his admiration for the film Her starring Joaquin Phoenix, and his number one inspiration; the late Steve Jobs. "Just seeing the way he fought to make things easier for people. After he passed, I made it my life's mission to do what he did inside of that company." He said.

The musician added that he aims to, "raise the palette and raise the taste level of a generation and also be involved with the production and distribution and advertising of that thing everyone's begging for."

He also gives his biased opinion on Samsung in comparison to Apple, mentioning that he didn't necessarily see Samsung as a front-runner, and adding that he was raised by his parents to aim to be number one and nothing else, while referring to Jay Z, his wife Kim, and Louis Vuitton as examples...

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