Kanye West can now be referred to as Dr. West

Kanye West can now be referred to as Dr. West

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Kanye West has gone from college dropout to earning a doctorate from one of the most prestigious art schools in America – as the School of the Art Institute of Chicago announce that it is honouring the rapper-turned-designer with the prestigious honorary doctorate this spring...

Rapper, designer, husband, father, art curator – Kanye West wears many hats, and now he can add a mortarboard to that rack, as a prestigious school has announced that he is being awarded with an honorary doctorate.

The esteemed School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) have announced that it will honour West with the doctorate, meaning that he can now officially be referred to as Dr. West. 

In a recent interview with the French design blog Clique, the Atlanta-born, Chicago-bred father of one expressed his regret at not having attended SAIC. The Dean of Faculty and Vice President of Academic Administration Lisa Wainwright heard about this and reached out to West, believing he deserved the coveted distinction – noting that West was "a major figure in the cultural landscape" who said that "art school was cool."

West is in good company, as SAIC have honoured some iconic figures with the same doctorate in the past, including Patti Smith and David Sedaris. He will be awarded with the honorary doctorate on May 11. 

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