Jeff Koons to install the 'Split-Rocker' in New York

Jeff Koons to install the 'Split-Rocker' in New York

Flower power

Image: Jeff Koons. Courtesy Gagosian Gallery. Photography by Tom Powel Imaging
Image: Jeff Koons,
Mathias Mangold/Gagosian Gallery

While the famed American artist spends time in NYC before the opening of his major retrospective show, he will also reveal his 'Split-Rocker' sculpture at the Rockerfeller Center
On June 25, a giant cartoonish installation created by Jeff Koons will go up at the Rockerfeller Center, two days before the largest showcase of the artist's work  at the Whitney Museum in New York.

Weighing 150 tons and soaring 37 feet high in the sky, Split-Rocker is composed of two halves  one based on a toy pony from one of one of Mr. Koons's sons, the other based on a toy dinosaur. Together, forming the head of a giant child's rocker.

Similar to the Koons' other artpiece Puppy, the new installation will be adorned with real flowers, from petunias, begonias and impatiens to geraniums and marigolds.

Koons produced just two editions of the sculpture. He owns the one that will be installed in the Rockefeller Center, while the other one is in the collection of Glenstone  the private museum in Potomac, Maryland  owned by Mitchell P. Rales.