Japanese artist sends 50 year-old Bonsai tree into space

Japanese artist sends 50 year-old Bonsai tree into space

Intergalactic nature

Image: Azuma Makoto

Tokyo-based artist Azuma Makoto has created a new series of artwork by sending a Japanese white pine Bonsai and an arrangement of flowers into space

The art project, called 'Exbiotanica', was done in collaboration with John Powell of JP Aerospace, and consisted of Azuma Makoto attaching delicate plant displays to giant helium balloons and carbon-fibre frames, and then launching them into the stratosphere.

A number of still and video cameras from Fuji Film and GoPro were also attached to the rig, resulting in stunning images of the plants floating through space.  

"Flowers aren't just beautiful to show on tables," said Azuma Makoto when speaking to The New York Times. "I wanted to see the movement and beauty of plants and flowers suspended in space... The best thing about this project is that space is so foreign to most of us, so seeing a familiar object like a bouquet of flowers flying above Earth domesticates space, and the idea of traveling into it."