The UAE's Image Nation announces a new focus on local documentaries

The UAE's Image Nation announces a new focus on local documentaries


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The Abu Dhabi-based film company Image Nation has announced its plans to make more locally-produced documentaries, after its first factual film premiered at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival to rave reviews

Image Nation's As One – a film exploring the challenges faced by a group of autistic children in the UAE as they prepare to perform a musical – was shown to the public for the first time on Saturday.

At the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, where the screening took place this past weekend, Image Nation's CEO Michael Garin said that the company plans to heavily invest in regional documentary films and series in the near future – urging Emiratis to submit their ideas for subjects.

"Our aim is to help create a cadre of talent in the documentary field while also recording pieces of local history," Garin was quoted as saying by Arabian Business. "We would encourage Emirati and Arab voices to come to us with ideas for films that should be made that capture key moments in time for the UAE.

"This country has many, many stories to tell but we need the help of local people in finding them. We're humbled by the amazing response to As One – it motivates us to seek out and produce more films based on life in the UAE."

The Abu Dhabi-based production company is already producing a number of UAE-based documentaries, including a film that explores the national football team qualifying for the 1990 Italian World Cup. A documentary showcasing the struggle against polio is Pakistan titled Every Last Child will debut at this year's DOC NYC Film Festival and last year, a film about the life of Nobel Peace Prize winner, Malala Yousafzai, directed by Oscar winner, Davis Guggenheim (pictured above), and co-produced by Image Nation's international partner Participant Media was announced.

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Malala Yousafzai


"The documentary division is just one of our many teams helping to fulfill our commitment to the UAE film industry. We had such amazing feedback from 'As One' at the most recent ADFF and we look forward to showcasing 'Every Last Child' and our Malala documentary over the coming months." Garin added.

"The growth in our documentary division has been outstanding over the past few months."