Hugo Boss has upset The xx with new video campaign

Hugo Boss has upset The xx with new video campaign

Original design?

British band The xx have a minimalist, signature style that's loved by many – and nobody more than Hugo Boss it seems, as the brand uses a strikingly similar type of music as part of its new sunglasses campaign

We're all familiar with The xx and its probing synth textures and chiming guitar sound. As reported first by Pitchfork, a 2014 ad campaign video by Hugo Boss – in which a sharp-dressed man drives around a sophisticated city while sporting sunglasses – features a soundtrack that sounds eerily similar to The xx's track Intro. And on Friday, the band's label, Young Turks, addressed the fact on Twitter, posting: "As a firm built around original design, isn't it odd that you'd pay for such a poorly disguised fake?" 

The label also retweeted responses agreeing with the accused plagiarism: "It's not even trying for a disguise," reads one comment. "Same key, bpm, proportions," Another individual wrote, "If @hugoboss can rip off The xx, can we buy ripoffs of their sunglasses?"

Earlier in the week, when a user tweeted a link to the commercial to the label, Young Turks responded by calling the campaign "so gross." Hugo Boss are yet to respond to the now very public allegations.

Compare the two, what do you think?:

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