A supersize Hello Kitty sculpture is making its way to New York

A supersize Hello Kitty sculpture is making its way to New York

Sebastian Masuda's 'Time After Time Capsule'

A giant Hello Kitty sculpture is about to take up residence in midtown Manhattan thanks to Japanese artist, Sebastian Masuda's, 'Time After Time Capsule' project. Find out what the cute Kitty is up to here...

Hello Kitty will be coming to the Big Apple thanks to Japanese artist Sebastian Masuda's, multi-city Time After Time Capsule project. A nine-foot-tall giant sculpture of the famously cute Kitty will land in New York from April 29–September 13 at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (just around the corner from the Japan Society.)

The main feature of the project are large-scale, hallow sculptures of 'kawaii' characters (the world famous Japanese 'cute' cultural phenomena, which has garnered Tokyo's Harajuku fashion district international notoriety). This enormous Hello Kitty sculpture will be receiving deposits from New Yorkers of personal objects. It will eventually return to Japan as a time capsule where it will be re-released in Tokyo for the 2020 summer Olympic Games along with other sculptures from the project.  

The project kicked off at Art Basel Miami 2014 and its next stop will be Amsterdam once it leaves New York in the autumn. At each location, programming will be held for children and families where they'll be encouraged to combine their personal objects with and add them to the time capsule.