Gucci to sponsor iconic Italian tapestry exhibit next year

Gucci to sponsor iconic Italian tapestry exhibit next year

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Further details have emerged about Gucci's involvement regarding the restoration of a set of ten historical tapestries...

Gucci has been announced as the lead sponsor of a new exhibition Prince of Dreams: The Medici's Joseph Tapestries by Pontormo and Bronzino in Florence; a showcase set to reunite 20 tapestries from the 16th century commissioned by Cosimo I de' Medici to artists Jacopo Pontormo and Agnolo Bronzino.

They depict the history of the biblical character Joseph. Until now, the tapestries were displayed partly at the Palazzo del Quirinale in Rome, the official residence of the President of the Italian Republic, until the news that Gucci would get involved earlier this year.
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"[We want to] bring back ten tapestries to maximum splendour. Now we examine in depth the history of the works that were originally 20 and that the Savoia [family] separated by bringing 10 of them to the Quirinale." Said Micaela le Divelec, Gucci's executive vice president and chief corporate operations officer, before underscoring the "breadth and international resonance" of the project's new development to WWD. She added that Italian President Giorgio Napolitano was instrumental in leading the project.

The tapestries are almost 263 feet in length, and planned to travel from Palazzo del Quirinale in late January to the Universal Expo in Milan at the Royal Palace in May and then on to Palazzo Vecchio in their original home – the Sala de' Dugento, until January 2016. 

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