Google celebrates the UAE's National Day

Google celebrates the UAE's National Day

Celebrating the country's 43rd anniversary

Editor: Buro 24/7

Today marks 43 years since the UAE was formed, under the pioneering leadership of Sheikh Zayed, to celebrate, Google have debuted a special UAE doodle

Like previous years, today Google have unveiled its special doodle to mark the UAE's 43rd National Day. The tech giant are also posting historical images of the country as well as documents, which all date back to 1971 – the year that the 7 Emirates joined to become the UAE.

The digital project marks the third country to have its national archives displayed – as the UAE joins the U.S and the Netherlands, who have previously been showcased, for the digital exhibition on the Google Cultural Institute. 

"The National Archives is our first partner in the Middle East that we work with to bring the country's important historical moments to the world," Tarek Abdullah, head of marketing for Google in MENA, told the Gulf News.