The 'Google Street Art' project

The 'Google Street Art' project

Urban work on show to the world

Using Street View technology, Google has launched 'Google Street Art', a project that will enable users to explore work from around the world

Never one to shy away from an innovative project, Google's Cultural Institute has launched Street Art, an online curation of over 5,000 graffiti images from around the world. The initiative is part of the Google Art Project, which allows you to virtually 'walk into' museums – including the Metropolitan Museum of Art – and explore nearly 70,000 artworks.

"The transient nature of street art means it can be at risk of being scrubbed out and lost forever to its legions of fans," Google's Lucy Schwartz wrote on the official Google blog recently. "But long after the paint has faded from the walls, technology can help preserve street art, so people can discover it wherever and whenever they like... Street art may be temporary on our walls and sidewalks, but its beauty and vibrancy live on, on the web."

The collections of art, collected from Lisbon to Manila, include some that have been painted over or are now inaccessible to the public - such as the 5 Pointz space in New York, which was whitewashed ahead of being demolished.

Using its Street View technology, users can actually enter some of the locations and fully explore them, such as the nine-floor Tour Paris 13.