Google exhibits 'virtual' artifacts from The National Music Museum

Google exhibits 'virtual' artifacts from The National Music Museum

An online curation of instrumental history

Image: Facebook – National Music Museum

Google's Cultural Institute has chosen Vermillion's National Music Museum in South Dakota to take part in their virtual exhibition initiative, allowing admirers to access some of the world's most supreme museums from the comfort of their own homes

The museum's director Cleveland Johnson released a statement saying: "We are honoured to have been chosen to partner with Google's Cultural Institute and to exhibit significant pieces from our collection in this way."

On the Music Museums designated website, art lovers can take a look at more than 60 of the 15,000 curated items that are currently on display, including the 'crown jewels' of their instrumental collection – the oldest cello in the world, the 1963 Stradivari Violin, and oldest and still functional Neopolitan harpsichord.

Some other artifacts on display include a peacock-shaped Indian sitar, a Salvador Dali inspired viola, and a crocodile-shaped zither from Myanmar.

Even though the high-resolution images provide admirers with a multi-angled glimpse of some of the instruments, it doesn't do them justice in comparison to viewing the articles in real life. However, it is expected to persuade people to visit the museum and take a look at the exhibits face to face.

Google Cultural Institute currently has more than 6,000 artworks on display, and is linked with more than 460 partners in about 60 different countries. It's also expected to offer a 'Street View' feature to be in action later this year, giving a walk-through tour of The National Music Museum's multiple facilities.



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