Google Art wants to showcase the Sistine Chapel in future project

Google Art wants to showcase the Sistine Chapel in future project

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Google’s creative head Amit Sood has revealed his dreams of bringing Rome's Sistine Chapel into the virtual world of Google's innovative Art Project

"My secret fantasy? To bring the Sistine chapel to Google Art," stated Sood, the founder of the Google Art Project and Director at Google Cultural Institute.

The project already features 345 cultural heritage partners including Florence's Uffizi Museum, Rome's Capitoline Museums, Venice's Doge's Palace, Tate London, Versaille Palace and the White House. Now, Sood would like to add Michelangelo's iconic, photography-restricted masterpiece to the 110 museums that users can 'walk through' via technology, through an indoor version of Google's Street View.

"Our visitors are passionate about art, but also curious. They can add text, video and anyone can create their own collection by artist, era and taste. We already have 460,000 user galleries." Sood said.

A project that launched in 2011 as a virtual and user-interactive museum to archive artefacts and landmarks – with Florence's Uffizi Gallery as one of its very first partners – Google Art Project is now an enhanced virtual museum of 63 million pieces, with 19 million users who can go view different galleries, have tours, magnify famed artwork, and listen and watch educational content.

According to Sood, the next phase of the Google Art Project will focus on Rome's archaeological sites, "The next goal will be 3D, to be used in all the museums, even in the archaeological sites of Rome. I think the museum of the future will be closely tied to physical and digital exhibitions." 

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