Emma Watson gives inspiring speech for United Nations

Emma Watson gives inspiring speech for United Nations

Feminism and magic wands

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The young British actress speaks publicly about the fight for gender equality, launching the initiative HeForShe this week

Joining her colleagues such as Angelina Jolie, George Clooney and Leonardo Di Caprio, the UN Women's goodwill ambassador, Emma Watson, has launched the United Nation's HeForShe campaign this week, by inviting men to take part in the global fight for equality.

Emma Watson at HeForShe 2014

The Harry Potter actress told an audience of UN delegates that men, too, must take action against sexism around the world, and the fight for feminist ideals must not be confused with 'man-hating'. She eloquently stated that it is her mission to, "Galvanise as many men and boys as advocates for change," as possible.

Watch Emma's inspiring speech below, now:

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