The Gallery at Emaar Pavilion presents Camille Zakharia’s ‘Belonging’

The Gallery at Emaar Pavilion presents Camille Zakharia’s ‘Belonging’

A celebrated Lebanese photographer

The hub for creative expression will showcasing a compelling selection of photographs by celebrated Lebanese photographer, Camille Zakharia, entitled 'Belonging,' until October 29

A location known for exhibiting works by talented regional artists, The Gallery at Emaar Pavilion, Dubai Downtown, is hosting a new display by Lebanese artist Camille Zakharia.

'Belonging' is a quite captivating series of stories that bring out the emotional, social and cultural context of people, especially those who lead an expat life. The subjects of the photographs are subject to constant transformation, which in turn reflect the changes around them. 

For the project Zakharia had photographed 42 people, offering a myriad of emotional subtexts, to create an insightful look into the existential dilemmas and delights of people. 

He then created collages out of these portraits that underscore the photographer's belief that individuals share more commonalities than differences. Every photo collage, indeed, tells a powerful story... 

'Belonging' by Camile Zakharia takes place at  The Gallery at Emaar Pavilion, Dubai Downtown, until October 29