The European Elections 2014

The European Elections 2014

Change is ahead from Kiev to the UK

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A new President of the Ukraine is announced and Nigel Farage's UKIP victory causes chaos and confusion among the established parties

In light of the main European election last night, Ukrainians also elected Petro O. Poroshenko as their new President, turning to the pro-EU billionaire to lead them out of six months of turmoil...

The special election was called by Parliament to replace Viktor F. Yanukovych, who fled Kiev on February 21 after a failed attempt to suppress the uprising.

The election allows the Ukraine to open a new chapter in its history, Mr. Poroshenko – a confections tycoon known as the 'Chocolate King' now faces the difficult task of trying to calm and reunite a country that has been on the edge of financial collapse, and on the verge of a civil war. 

"The first steps of our team at the beginning of the Presidential work will be to put an end to war, to put an end to chaos, to end disorder, and to bring peace to the land of Ukraine – united, unitary Ukraine," he said in a speech at an arts center in Kiev, where he declared victory shortly after the polls closed. He added, "We need to do all our best to bring in European values."

This is despite gainst a backdrop of others being discontent with the European Union, 375 million people from 28 countries were eligible to vote in elections to the European parliament last night.

Meanwhile in the United Kingdom, new political party UKIP (The UK Independence Party) stormed to first place in the European elections, becoming the choice for nearly a third of voters. It the first time since 1906 that a party other than the big two – Conservative and Labour – has topped the poll in a nationwide vote, giving a taste of things to come. 

The party's jubilant leader  Nigel Farage has said he wants an in/out referendum on Britain's European Union membership as soon as "next week", although he admitted that wasn't going to happen.

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