Dubai to launch 'Happiness Meter' to measure government services

Dubai to launch 'Happiness Meter' to measure government services

Putting a smile across the UAE city

Image: Sheikh Mohammed

This week, the Dubai government has launched a new initiative to measure the public’s happiness and satisfaction with government services

Bringing engagement between the city's citizens and the government, the initiative will help develop customer service and improve the happiness of Dubai's inhabitants on a daily basis. Each department will be linked to a central network called the 'Happiness Meter', which will keep an eye on the satisfaction of the public in government services every day.

"Preparing annual or quarterly reports to measure the happiness and satisfaction of the public does not meet our ambitions because today the world is transforming very fast and people's expectations too are changing rapidly. Therefore, government services must be monitored on a daily basis," said Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. 


The first phase of the 'Happiness Meter' will be gradually rolled out to all government departments over the next year, while the second phase will see the meter being applied to selected private sector companies to enhance the experience of visitors and tourists to Dubai  determining their satisfaction across all services offered to them. 

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