Dubai Mufti puts a stop on one-way trip to Mars

Dubai Mufti puts a stop on one-way trip to Mars

Space travel ban

Image: Khaleej Times
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Posing a risk to life that is not justifiable in Islam, a Dubai Mufti issues fatwa against Muslims hoping to travel to space

The General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowment in the UAE has issued a fatwa, claiming that a one-way trip to Mars is prohibited by Islam. Grand Mufti of Dubai Dr Ahmed Al Haddad revealed to The Khaleej Times, "Such a one-way journey poses a real risk to life, and that can never be justified in Islam."

Dr Haddad's view is supposedly in response to a Netherlands-based company, Mars One, which in 2013, invited volunteers to apply to travel and live on Mars – with the opportunity to buy a one-way ticket. Thousands of people from across 140 countries, including many Arab nationalities, volunteered for the mission.

Dr Haddad warned that the trip goes against human beings who Allah has honoured with life on Earth. "So, how may they logically seek another planet to settle in?" he said.

The one-way adventure to Mars is reportedly set to launch in 2022.

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