Dubai animated movie production 'Bilal' lands star cast with Ian McShane

Dubai animated movie production 'Bilal' lands star cast with Ian McShane

Villainous voice

Dubai backed film production – Bilal – which was formally announced back in December during DIFF, has landed a star cast member in Ian McShane. The British actor, who has appeared in a string of Hollywood hits, will be lending his voice to the animated production...

Following the announcement last year at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), of a new animated film project from film producer Ayman Jamal, we bring you more news on the Dubai-based studio Barajoun Entertainment production – Bilal.

The film has landed star British actor, Ian McShane as a cast member. McShane rose to prominence in the popular TV series Lovejoy before landing a string of Hollywood roles including Blackbeard in the Pirates of the Caribbean. He has experience working on animated films as he lend his voice to the hit feature Kung Fu Panda in 2008. 

Bilal, is inspired by the historical story of Bilal Ibn Rabah, who was born into slavery in the sixth century in Mecca and was believed to be one of the Prophet Muhammad's most trusted companions. McShane will voice the character of a greedy and power hungry merchant named Umayya. He is joined in the cast by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, who will voice the title character.

"McShane added a very unique... complexity to Umayya's character, a dynamic villain with a high ego," said Jamal, who also confirmed that filming has begun on the project. Although it is not yet known when or where the film makes its debut, but bets are on that the DIFF might be the place.