Dubai Film Market announces Enjaaz films to receive production support in 2014

Dubai Film Market announces Enjaaz films to receive production support in 2014

Supporting seven promising filmmakers

Image: Digital Production ME

Enjaaz, the production funding initiative of the Dubai Film Market, unveils seven promising films created by Gulf filmmakers to receive production funding

Enjaaz, a company launched in 2009, provides support to movie makers of Gulf origin, helping to develop the regional film industry and diversify the choice of Gulf films available to audiences. Image Nation Abu Dhabi is supporting the production of films in partnership with Enjaaz.

The seven selected filmmakers include A Long Night, by Kamiran Betasi (Iraq); Bus 321, by Hussain AlMutlaq (KSA); Who Killed Sarah, by Mohamed Al Saber (KSA); The Deep, by Haider Rashid (Iraq); The Bad Hunter, by Sahim Omar Khalifa (Iraq); Souq Al Markazi, by Saleh Nass (Bahrain); and Bicycle, by Aieas Jehad (Iraq).

Masoud Amralla Al Ali, Festival Director of GFF commented: "Enjaaz is committed to supporting the Gulf's talented filmmakers and we're pleased to be working with Image Nation to provide filmmakers with the resources they require to achieve the desired quality for their films. We are delighted to see more gripping storylines and artistic innovation every year and we're pleased to be supporting their journeys."

Enjaaz supported films are considered for GFF and DIFF each year, as well as travelling to other festivals worldwide. They also have the opportunity of qualifying for Oscar consideration for the 2015 Academy Awards if they go on to win at The Dubai International Film Festivals' Muhr Arab Shorts competition.

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