For sale: A $10 million dinosaur skeleton in Abu Dhabi

For sale: A $10 million dinosaur skeleton in Abu Dhabi

Straight rexin'

An Abu Dhabi gallery is now offering a prehistoric Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton for sale, with the starting price set at around $10 million

If anyone would like to add a dinosaur to their art collection, now is there chance. Along with the 7.5 metre Tyrannosaurus Rex, discovered in the U.S. back in 1998, Etihad Modern Art Gallery is also offering the fossil remains of a Hadrosaurus dinosaur  with the pair likely to sell for around $14 million, according to The National.

The astounding skeletons will be on display until January in the UAE capital. "We're trying to sell mother and daughter together, we're trying not to separate them because they've been together for 65 million years... Also, there's no museum that has two," said Shahdad Jahanbani, chief executive of Etihad Modern Art Gallery.


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