Colleen Atwood's costume design for 'Into The Woods' starring Johnny Depp

Colleen Atwood's costume design for 'Into The Woods' starring Johnny Depp


She's Tim Burton’s go-to costume designer, and having taken on ten of the director's celebrated titles Colleen Atwood knows how to 'do creepy'... Buro 24/7 takes a look at the talented expert's work for Rob Marshall's 'Into The Woods'

Colleen Atwood is a three-time Academy Award winner, and has worked on ten Tim Burton films over the years, including dark drama fantasies that have become household names such as Edward Scissorhands and Sweeney Todd

Burton's leading men have regularly been brought to life by Johnny Depp, and the women often by wife Helena Bonham Carter... And each of them dressed by Atwood.

Most recently, the esteemed costume expert has reunited with Depp for Into the Woods, the much-talked-about musical launching next month directed by Rob Marshall about the inner lives of famous fairy tale characters. Depp plays the Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood; while Meryl Streep plays a witch trying to teach all the characters life lessons.

"Johnny is my all-time favourite actor because I've worked with him so many times over the span of so many years," said Atwood recently, speaking of conjured up a costume for him in"Woods", the ever-seductive wolf in men's clothing, she placed him in a furry Zoot suit and fedora, saying, "The wolf to me, is jazzed up, almost like a late 30s or early 40s swing version," Atwood said. "I took a lot of elements from the costumes and music of that period."

Searching for a common element to tie the film's costumes together and make them "of a world," Atwood found what she was looking for, quite literally in the woods. "That's where the characters always end up," she said.

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