Christie's Dubai auction will benefit UN support in Syria

Christie's Dubai auction will benefit UN support in Syria

Proceeds from artist Ali Omar Ermes' work going towards refugees

Image: The Portsmouth Group

A proportion of the proceeds for an art piece from the upcoming Christie’s Dubai auction will be shared with UNHCR, to help the on-going crisis in Syria

A depiction of the Sixth Ode from the seven highly respected Arabic poems known as the Muallaqat Al Sabaa by internationally acclaimed artist Ali Omar Ermes, is set to be one of highlights in Christie's upcoming sale in Dubai.

Falling under the Modern and Contemporary Arab, Iranian and Turkish art category, the artist has generously gifted the piece to Middle East-based magazine, Philanthropy Age, to help it support a most worthy regional cause.

Estimated at $120,000-180,000, Philanthropy Age has decided to share a proportion of the proceeds from the sale with UNHCR, to assist the UN agency in its remarkable and on-going efforts for refugees from the crisis in Syria.

Muallaqat Al Sabaa is the title given to seven (and some say ten) ancient poems considered to be the finest pieces of early Arabic poetry. Each describes aspects of cultural, social and political life, as well as love, generosity, bravery and heroism: together the code of moral and ethical values of a society, and principles that can be passed from generation to generation. They highlight, and perfectly illustrate, the conscience of a nation.

Often when a poem was judged to be exceptional, it would be intricately and delicately embroidered on the finest silk cloth and hung at the Ka'ba as a sign of its importance. The artist's Odes honour great poetry and historic poets in a similarly unique way.

In another interesting twist, Ali Omar Ermes is most recently celebrated for his painting Tawasul Al Himam, or 'The Continuum of Resolve', commissioned to commemorate and celebrate Dubai's successful bid to host the World Expo in 2020. Following the award of the Expo to Dubai, the artwork has quickly won iconic status in the UAE, and is already being hailed as 'The Expo Painting', and now in the possession of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Higher Committee for Dubai Expo 2020.

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