Chris Martin buys Banksy's 'The Healing Balloon'

Chris Martin buys Banksy's 'The Healing Balloon'

For 2.3 million AED

Image: Banksy

The proceeds of the red heart shaped balloon will be helping lives of people in Haiti

The lead singer for Coldplay, Chris Martin, recently purchased the new and original version of Banksy's 'The Healing Balloon', which was first seen on a wall in Brooklyn as a part of the famed British artist's 'Better Out Than In' street residency in New York before heading to Art Basel Week in Miami, back in December.

The price of this balloon? 2.3 million AED. Where is the money going? The entirety of the proceeds will go to Sean Penn's charity of choice, as it was sold in Beverly Hills as a part of the actors Help Haiti Home Gala, which, at the end of the night raised more than 22 million AED for the cause.


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