'Platée' – The Chanel inspired opera

'Platée' – The Chanel inspired opera

Karl and Coco, reworked

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In a terribly chic turn of events for the world of opera, Karl Lagerfeld and Coco Chanel directly influence refreshed characters in a historic story

Further to recent news of the Middle East's own exciting plans for the opera, it transpires that the life and times of Coco Chanel are proving an endless world of possibilities for inspiration for the genre in the rest of the world, as they trigger work on a new version of Jean-Philippe Rameau's 18th century comic opera, Platée.

The production, which premiered in Vienna last week, is now on show in Paris and will then travel to New York.

The original story centres upon Platée, an unattractive water nymph, who believes Jupiter, the king of the gods, is in love with her. Sadly, she discovers that his amorous advances are all part of a plan to punish his wife, Juno, for her jealousy. The play was first written for Louis, Dauphin of France and his wife, Infanta Maria Theresa of Spain.

The new version sees Jupiter played by a Lagerfeld lookalike (complete with a white ponytail, dark sunglasses and black suit) making his arrival on stage via Chanel's famous mirrored staircase.

Juno's character is made to resemble Coco Chanel, dressed in head-to-toe tweed, while Platée is portrayed as the ultimate fashion victim... 

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