The piano featured in 'Casablanca' to go on sale at Bonhams

The piano featured in 'Casablanca' to go on sale at Bonhams

"Play it again, Sam..."

Image: Bonham's

The iconic piano from Hollywood romance film 'Casablanca' goes on sale at auction in New York this November

The iconic salmon-coloured instrument forms the highlight of more than two dozen collectors' items from the 1942 fabled wartime classic film going on sale through Bonhams auction house in New York this winter. 

It's the piece used for the famous line, "Play it, Sam," said by actress Ingrid Berman, asking Dooley Wilson to play As Time Goes By before a moody Humphrey Bogart storms over to find her.

Joining the lot are the doors of 'Rick's Cafe Americain', – Bogart's nightclub in the film where Bergman asks Bogart to help her fugitive Czech resistance leader husband escape to America, during the auction set to take place on November 24.

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