Wissam Shawkat and Buro 24/7 feature in The Sole Times

Wissam Shawkat and Buro 24/7 feature in The Sole Times

Urban literature

With only 6 days left until Sole DXB, Sole has unveiled its very own newspaper – an informative read on what will be happening at their urban festival in Dubai

Footwear, streetwear, art, music and sports – it's all showcased when it comes to Sole DXB, the UAE's annual event that focuses on all things urban. Held at the Dubai Design District site, the fair will take place from November 15 to 16 and involve a plethora of renowned and up-and-coming designers and artists, as well as Dubai's culture enthusiasts. 

The Sole Times features a variety of innovative information from articles on fashion's ever-changing landscape to the musicians set to perform at Sole DXB. The newspaper also highlights the artists that will be participating in the exciting two-day-event, including the pioneering Iraqi artist Wissam Shawkat, who will create a live mural on canvas for Sole DXB's visitors – in partnership with Buro 24/7. 

Wissam Shawkat features in The Sole Times