Treasure of Lima: A Buried Exhibition

Treasure of Lima: A Buried Exhibition

A fascinating concept curated by Nadim Samman

Image: Buro 24/7 Russia

"Redefining the culture of exploration" is the tag line attributed to an altogether new way to auction art – by burying it in a time capsule and selling the hidden coordinates to the highest bidder

Isla del Coco – near Lima, Peru, is the historical source of many legends relating to buried treasure...  

And so in a seemingly outrageous – yet genius all at once – move, a vacuum sealed container containing numerous artworks by leading artists, the likes of Marina Abramovic and Ed Ruscha, will be buried at a secret location and left behind.

This ‘exhibition architecture’ (a contemporary treasure chest) is a new commission by New York based architects Aranda/Lasch, designed to maintain the physical integrity of works (including works on paper, sculpture, LP vinyls, digital video and audio files) underground or below water to a depth of 6.7 kilometers.

Buried treasure art auction

The GPS coordinates (or ‘map’) of the exhibition location will be logged at the site of burial. These coordinates will then be digitally encrypted and the resulting data given a physical form – by the Dutch artist Constant Dullaart and his collaborator, German cryptographer Michael Wege, before the physical ‘map’ then will be sold at auction – encased within a second edition of the treasure chest, with proceeds dontated to the marine protection of Isla del Coco.

These funds will be specifically earmarked for a sustainable research and conservation project devised by the TBA21-Academy.

The buyer will take receipt of the ‘map' without the decryption key, along with the chest...

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