Buckingham Palace clarifies dress code for royal visits

Buckingham Palace clarifies dress code for royal visits

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A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman told WWD Friday that it would "never dictate or specify what press members should wear when covering a royal event"

WWD reached out to the palace following complaints by members of the American press who are gearing up for a royal tour by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge from December 7-9. 

Members of the press applying for accreditation for the royal tour have spotted a standard dress code policy by Buckingham Palace, which stipulates that men must wear a jacket and tie and women a trouser or skirt suit (note: Angelina Jolie nailed it) – adding that casually dressed members of the press would be turned away.

The 'storm in a British teacup' kicked off because some of the members of the British royal press corips – who regularly wear suits and anoraks – appear to not take any note of their own dress code policy.

A palace spokeswoman said that if a journalist were to ask about the dress code for a special event, the palace would be happy to "discuss attire." On their upcoming American visit, the duke will head to Washington, D.C. while his pregnant wife will be in New York. The couple will attend events on behalf of the Royal Foundation and the charities with which they are affiliated.