Bob Dylan's amazing new interactive video

Bob Dylan's amazing new interactive video

Rolling Stone revisited

Image: Johannas Visions

Bob Dylan cleverly demonstrates that age is, infact, only a number. At 72 the folk singer is just as innovative as his 27 year old counterparts and has released an incredible new interactive video for his famous song 'Like A Rolling Stone'.

The new digital video features a television screen, with an introduction inviting the viewer to change the channels - providing the interactive element. After 30 seconds or so of watching the visuals, you realise that the "presenters" - including cookery show hosts, Drew Carey and even rapper Danny Brown are actually all lip-syncing to the song. It's bound to put a smile on your face, watch it here now.

Dylan released the video to promote the recent release of his The Bob Dylan Complete Album Collection Vol. 1 boxset.

'Like A Rolling Stone