BMW Art Car collection names its next artists

BMW Art Car collection names its next artists

The youngest and oldest collaborate

Editor: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: BMW

While a BMW may already be an engineering masterpiece, an exterior turned canvas for artists makes it simply jaw-dropping...

For the BMW Art Car Series' 40th anniversary, the German automaker has picked Chinese artist Cao Fei and American artist John Baldessari to create the next two works of art on wheels. With the selection, the artists join an exclusive group that includes art luminaries including Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons.

BMW Artists

"For her work on the 18th BMW Art Car, we are in particular looking forward as to how she may turn the car into an imaginative part of her parallel universe," the jury said after their decision on choosing Fei. "John Baldessari is a great pioneer and godfather of an entire art scene in LA and beyond. As a serial inventor, he keeps surprising us and we are excited to see the unexpected in what he will come up with for the 19th BMW Art Car."

Cao Fei and Baldessari, at 37 and 84 respectively, represent the youngest and oldest artists to work on the Art Car collection. They now each have a BMW M6 GT3 as their canvas but apart from being an art piece, the car must still be able to perform on the track.

"I was honoured to have many of my respected peers recommend me as a BMW Art Car artist," said Baldessari. "Creating art that exists outside of a museum is important to me, and should be a goal for all artists. This will definitely be my fastest artwork yet."

The completed creations will be presented in museums worldwide in 2017.