New art from Banksy appears in the UK

New art from Banksy appears in the UK

The artist unveils his latest graffiti, but where exactly?

Image: The Telegraph

UK-based graffiti artist, Banksy, has recently posted a new mural on his website dubbed ‘Mobile Lovers’, but the location still remains a mystery

The new discreet graffiti work by Banksy sees a couple in work attire embracing each other in a doorway, however they are both distracted by their smartphones, giving their faces an unnatural glow from the phone's screen.

The artist is perhaps commenting on love and its migration to mobile apps like Tinder, showing the public's addiction towards technology today.

The double yellow lines, cobbled streets and black lamppost all suggest that the new mural's canvas was graffiti stenciled somewhere in the UK, with people still trying to track it down.

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