Art Dubai announces technology-focus for Global Art Forum 2015

Art Dubai announces technology-focus for Global Art Forum 2015

Download update?

Art Dubai has announced the theme and line up for the ninth edition of Global Art Forum. This year will see the forum open up in Kuwait for the first time, before returning to its Art Dubai home, and will see more contributors from around the Gulf than ever before. The hot topic this year is technology in the arts. Read on for more details...

Technology is a hot topic in the arts at the moment and as Art Dubai's Gobal Art Forum 2015 announces the forum's topic and panel members, that remains to be true. This year will see the forum, which launched within Art Dubai, nine years ago, focus on this theme, with the title – 'Download Update?'

Leading the exploration of the impact of technologies on the world of art, culture and beyond will be the recently announced panel which consists of; Co-directors Turi Munthe and Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi, with Shumon Basar as director-at-large. There will participation, across the three-day forum, from 50 local and international contributors. 

The forum debates how technologies have transformed not only the way we work, but how we think, interact, learn and create. Igniting the dialogue, Shumon Basar has said "Perhaps nothing makes our lives feel better and worse at the same time than technology,...And while it's humans who theoretically 'invent' technology, the truth is that it's technology that 're-invents' us humans constantly, in ways we aren't aware of. 'Download Update?' is an opportunity to zoom out and take a screen-shot of the world today, in all its high definition glory and confusion." 

For the first time, The Global Art Forum will kick off in Kuwait, before joining Dubai's number one art event, which is timed perfectly in a year when the forum features more participation from the Gulf than ever before, with speakers including former editor-in-chief of Al Arabi magazine Sulaiman Al Askari, the artists' collective GCC, Dubai's Higher Colleges of Technology director Dr. Saoud Al Mulla, Hessa Al Ossaily of Al Oula radio and Kuwaiti writers and academics Al Anoud Al Sharekh and Mai Al-Nakib, among others.

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The line-up of speakers this year, not to mention the forum directors, appears to include voices from the technologies sphere and art sphere in virtually equal measure, which is sure to make for an engaging and enlightening conversation on the topic of technology in the arts. 

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Global Art Forum 2015 will be taking place at Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah, Amricani Cultural Centre, Kuwait City, March 14 – 15 and at Art Dubai, Mina A'Salam, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, March 18 – 20