An Andy Warhol museum is set to open in New York

An Andy Warhol museum is set to open in New York

Following a recent discovery of his 'lost' work

Image: Tate
Image: Vinyz

Following an exciting discovery of some of his 'lost' work, a dedicated Andy Warhol museum is said to be launching in New York in the future

Contemporary king of 'pop art' Andy Warhol needs little introduction. following a recent discovery at Carnegie Mellon University that involved some 'lost' Warhol art, students came across a collection of digital pieces by the artist from some time ago. And with this recent discovery, a new project has been launched.

The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh has announced that it will be teaming up with the developers of Essex Crossing in New York to open a dedicated Warhol museum venue on the city's Lower East Side. The location will house the unseen works of art, as well as some other pieces.

While construction for the space is yet to begin, and the space is planned open to the public some time in 2017.

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