Ai Weiwei starts a new Instagram trend

Ai Weiwei starts a new Instagram trend

Aim, fire!

Image: Instagram

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has started a new Instagram meme – holding your leg up and pretending to use it like a gun – which thousands of people are copying all over the social media app

The famously controversial artist is no stranger to using social media within his works and currently has over 61k followers on Instagram. 

The message of the piece is currently unclear, but the artist has been reposting hundreds of "leg/gun" photos submitted by followers, with Quartz suggesting that the move comes from a Communist-era ballet. On the other hand, The Guardian has recognised that the first post translates directly from Chinese to "Beijing anti-terrorism series," which means that it could be a comment on the recent Tiananmen Square anniversary, horrific school shootings in the US, the World Cup, or a general protest of the Chinese government. 


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