Adam Sandler to perform in American Beauty live read

Adam Sandler to perform in American Beauty live read

For one night only

A somewhat unlikely selection of actors is joining forces for a reading of five-time Academy Award winning screenplay, American Beauty

Film director Jason Reitman, who hosts a live read series every year that sees modern day actors perform classic scripts, has set the cast of his own hit film MenWomen & Children cast to perform the five-time Academy Award winning American Beauty screenplay – for one night only. 

"I had a such a great experience working with the cast that I was looking for any excuse to get them all together again," Reitman told Entertainment Weekly, "It occurred to me while I was trying to figure out who to put into the 'American Beauty' read that the casts kind of lined up nicely."

For the read through Adam Sandler will play Lester Burham, the part that won Kevin Spacey an Oscar, and Rosemarie DeWitt will play Carolyn, originally portrayed by Annette Bening. Kaitlyn Dever will play the couple's daughter Jane (played in the film by Thora Birch), Olivia Crocicchia will play Jane's friend Angela (played in the film by Mena Suvari) and Travis Tope will take Wes Bentley's role as Ricky.

Adam Sandler to perform in American Beauty live read (фото 1)

Kevin Spacey and Mena Suvari in the original film version of American Beauty


The performance will take place October 16 at Los Angeles County Museum of Art 

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