Abu Dhabi Art announces its 2014 programme

Abu Dhabi Art announces its 2014 programme

The event's 6th edition

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Welcoming artists, collectors, galleries, art professionals and visitors from around the world to participate in a programme that guides principles to reflect on the themes of time, space and history

Following on from the announcement of its 6th edition, Abu Dhabi Art, organised by Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi), returns this year with an interdisciplinary programme of art, talks and experiences from November 5-8.

Artists, collectors, galleries, art professionals and visitors from around the world will participate in a programme that takes Abu Dhabi's future cultural institutions as guiding principles to reflect on themes of time, space and history.

"This year, the Abu Dhabi Art programme will celebrate the upcoming opening of Abu Dhabi museums and finds inspiration in the spirit of the future museums' collections. It will consist of three main sectors: a daily public forum examining the importance of museums as sites of action and new experiences; a performing arts programme exploring concepts of universality and transversality and themes such as humankind's complex relationship with nature and the passage of time, culture and ideas between one civilization and another; and a set of public art, design and architecture initiatives that connect with the wider city and communities of Abu Dhabi," said Rita Aoun-Abdo, executive director of TCA Abu Dhabi.  


Abu Dhabi Art Announces 2014 Programme

Here is a little of what to expect:



Abu Dhabi Art features a daily public forum that aims to introduce audiences to the ever-expanding community of art-world figures who by their presence at Abu Dhabi Art, are working together to enhance the UAE art scene. This year the programme is inspired by the 'life' of Modern Museums, including the future museums of Saadiyat Island, as spaces of education, performance and experience.


Live and interactive performances will occur, including 'Hours and Colours', a programme that progress with the precision of a clock punctuated by performing art moments that stand out and mark the experience of every visitor with ever-changing interactive content.

Abu Dhabi Art Announces 2014 Programme

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