Illustrator Clemens Habicht debuts the ultimate colour puzzle

Illustrator Clemens Habicht debuts the ultimate colour puzzle

1,000 colours

The ultimate colour challenge gauntlet has been laid down by German illustrator Clemens Habitat, with his CMYK colour gamut puzzle that he is calling '1,000 Colours'

If you think you have a good eye for colour you can put that theory to the ultimate test with the ‘1,000 Colours’ puzzle by German illustrator, Clemens Habicht. 

Habicht was inspired by the challenge he faced one day while playing with a featureless blue sky puzzle, that he eventually managed to assemble successfully. The task ensured that his inherent sense of colour was tested, which inspired him to push that test to the limit by creating a 1,000 piece puzzle out of the CMYK colour gamut.

“There is a real logic in the doing that is weirdly soothing, therapeutic, it must be the German coming out in me. As each piece clicks perfectly into place, just so, it’s a little win, like a little pat on the back” says Habicht. 

Take a look at the video for a time lapse of the puzzle being assembled:

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