Listen now: Buro 24/7 Middle East's Weekend Playlist

Listen now: Buro 24/7 Middle East's Weekend Playlist

April 24–26

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Buro 24/7 Middle East contributor Maha Sulaiman curates five addictive tracks to get you pumped for the weekend

This weekends playlist is full of upbeat tracks to ensure you are ready for the upcoming weekend, with a remix of an old school track from Shirley Bassey and other artists such as Lana Del Rey...


1. Boys Noize vast catalogue of original music and remixes has cemented his status of being an electronic music pioneer ,while still having room to further his style in the coming years. The talented German has sought out the eclectic panache of OWSLA producer Blood Diamonds to lay a completely different twist on 'Got It' for an upcoming Out of the Black remix album. Stripping the track of its acid house and techno roots,  Blood Diamonds applies a summertime vibe with tropical percussion additions and future bass blasts that bring a dreamy aesthetic to the song.

2. Power duo Gorgon City (aka Foamo and RackNRuin) have leveled up in 2013, taking what started out as an intriguing new side project and turning it into a globally recognised name. 'Ready For Your Love' strips house back to basics, where synths are sprinkled over the verses only to be swept away for the looping chorus. It's simplicity allows fellow rising star MNEK to make his mark as the guest feature, his rich and distinctive vocal elevating an already uplifting track to new heights.

3. A remix of Dame Shirley Bassey's 'If You Go Away' released in 2013 by Rebeat, a young electronic and house music duo based in Tehran, Iran. Dame Shirley originally recorded the track for her 1967 album, 'And We Were Lovers'.

4. Alpines' amazing track, 'Oasis' been given the remix treatment by emerging talent, Danglo. Their take on pop music is warm yet refined, and 'Oasis' is a slice of Ibiza lounge heaven tinged with mature vocals, and it's all rather brilliant. The danglo remix adds some serious bass, with pitch altered vocals and sublime synths. While not a poppers o'clock banger, the track is suitably danceable.

5. Ever since Lana Del Rey's fame sky rocketed, she's been a favourite of producers looking for something to remix. Whether electronic, pop, hip-hop, indie, or experimental, all styles seem to mesh with some aspect of Lana's work. For the latest re-imagination of Ms. Del Rey, S O H N cooked up some analog drums, haunting synths, and stomach-sinking bass for a 'Ride' remix fit to his own aesthetic.

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