Ones to watch: 3 up and coming Dubai based musicians

Ones to watch: 3 up and coming Dubai based musicians

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Ones to watch: Fadl, DaisyGrim and Physical Graffiti

At Buro 24/7 Middle East we are always on the look out to find fresh new talent, especially when the UAE houses such a lively underground music scene. We have profiled three up and coming bands and musicians which are quickly gaining popularity in the industry...

Fadl, a 24-year-old Palestinian who was born and raised in Dubai, started rapping as a hobby around eight years ago. He turned professional in 2008 when he moved to London and recorded his first mixtape New Chapter and Two.17. Fadl's unique sound has been manifested from his love of travel and his home city of Dubai. Writing all of his own songs and creating hypnotic beats, Fadl's talent is apparent through his diverse combination of soulful verses and up tempo vibes. Fadl 
has collaborated with Radio 1 DJ Dany Neville on a few tracks, who also introduced him to the studio where he recorded his third album. The artist hopes to move to LA in the summer to establish more contacts - and with his third album Neverland set for release in April, we are excited to see how his career develops.

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DaisyGrim are an alternative rock band currently based between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, who are well known in the area for their unique style of music and performances. Greg Brown (vocalist), and Sultan Al Ameri (drummer) have been playing and writing music together since early 2010, and started the band with Kal Al Hashmi (rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist) in 2012. Theo Mahmuti is the band's current lead guitarist and Brandon Vear, who joined in 2013, completes the band. With Brown's husky vocals, a folk aspect adds to their unique sound along with storytelling through lyrics and heavy bass drum beats. With the incredibly talented Theo Mahmuti breaking up the verses with original and interesting riffs, the whole band creates an exciting on-stage presence. The idea of DaisyGrim revolves around the concept of dark and light, and the battle between good and evil as portrayed in the song The Valley from an earlier EP. It is easy to hear the influence of this concept not only through the lyrics but the instrumental work behind the band's other singles as well as tracks from the EP. Their influences include the Rock N' Roll classics such as Led Zeppelin, Guns N' Roses, The Raconteurs, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Jimi Hendrix, as well as many blues artists such as B.B King.

The boys are becoming quite established in the area and are set to head to Goa, in India, early next month to play at 'Rock In Goa 2014' taking place at Quinta De Valadares on the 5th of April 2014.

3bands uae

Zubin (vocalist) and Ankhurr (lead guitar) were born in Bombay, in India and moved to the UAE when they were very young and have been part of the growing music scene for quite some time. Wafik (percussion) moved to Dubai when he was in his teens, and has had his share of performances and recordings with talented and well known acts around the UAE. Darren (bass) came to Dubai with the soul purpose of completing his higher education. University is what brought them together; all of the band members are audio engineers by degree and profession, and in February 2013 created Physical Graffiti.

Each member of the band is an independent musician and all play different styles and genres of music, which has resulted in the mellow controlled sounds of Physical Graffiti. Zubin's powerful vocals combined with the creativity of instruments has enabled the band to stand out and become sought after to play at events and art exhibitions. Some of these shows include The Space Sessions with Capital Vibes at the Abu Dhabi Festival, The Terry Fox Marathon 2013, Art Nation at Bur Juman, B-Lounge at Sheraton Abu Dhabi, QUOZhappens at The Fridge, The Archive at Safa Park, Fraiche Music & Poetry Night. The band were also amongst the finalists in The GAP Recording Room. They are affiliated with The Fridge and Freshly Ground Sounds. 

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