The new 'Tunepics' app that combines music and pictures

The new 'Tunepics' app that combines music and pictures

Capturing the mood and moment forever

Image: Tech Crunch

Topshop's former marketing chief turned digital-media entrepreneur, Justin Cooke, has launched a new 'multi-sensory social network' which combines photos, music and moods

This week, Justin Cooke unveiled his new app 'Tunepics', which combines the world of music, pictures and social media.

"I took a photo in my library and I was listening to a song on my iPhone and I couldn't understand why the two couldn't be together," Cooke told a source. "It's a powerful connector. The whole idea is you can create deep emotion around a picture and celebrate a moment."

'Tunepics' — which is now available to download for free for iPhone and iPad — encourages users around the world to post  their special 'moments',  a mixture of a soundtrack alongside their favourite pictures.

The unique app already has 100,000 beta users signed up, including celebrities like, Kate Bosworth, Tracy Anderson, Jamie Oliver and fashion and retail brands such as Chloé, Hunter, Asos, Paul Smith and AllSaints. Users can also 'retune' a post that they like — much like Twitter's 'retweet' button — as well as post links from external sites, something that is not possible on some networks, such as Instagram.

Users can feature a song for every image that they post on 'Tunepics', and tag how they are feeling with the 'emotion wheel' feature, which includes 16 feelings from happy, laughing, and excited to sad, crying and heartbroken. More than 35 million songs are at available to use and post alongside an image.

"I'll be able to see what a country like Brazil is being inspired by (and listening to)," Cooke said.

'Tunepics', designed by consultancy company Innovate7 and built by AKQA, capitalises on two prolific digital habits of downloading of music and picture uploading to the Internet — which shows people posting more that 500 million images to the web every day.