Timbaland, Jay Z and Drake unite

Timbaland, Jay Z and Drake unite

Timbaland debuts a new track

Image: MySpace

If  the hip-hop world rested on three metaphorical pillars, one of these would most certainly be Timbaland – a man who has made a significant contribution to the genre. One of the producer's most recent major works is Jay Z's album Magna Carta Holy Grail. Timbaland is also supporting his friend on tour this October.

During the Magna Carta Holy Grail Tour Jay Z played a show in Birmingham, England on the 8th October – it was at this gig that the producer debuted a new track he had recorded together with Jay Z and Drake. Whether this means that we should be expecting more, or if it was just an isolated case of collaboration between the three leading hip-hop artists, is unclear – we are hoping for the former.

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