Rumour: Is Spotify about to end its free service?

Rumour: Is Spotify about to end its free service?

Under pressure

It has been rumoured that Spotify will soon be moving towards a premium-only model, and removing its widely used ad supported free service due to pressure from massive music labels and competitors

Sources say that Spotify will soon get rid of its ad-supported free service and move to premium only model resulting in users to pay $9.99 per month. Over the years the free plan has lost many users due to closed features and has forced many to upgrade to the paid service. The introduction into this move could start off with making certain releases only available to paying Spotify subscribers or releases only being available for a short period of time to free members.

Other possibilities for the transaction process could be to restrict access to high profile album releases to free users, and only allow samples of one or two tracks.

Spotify have previously stated that the 'freemium' model was here to stay but with pressure from major labels it looks like the commerical music streaming service will join the likes of Apple Music in only offering a premium option. Stay tuned for more news on this story as it develops...