Listen now: Sia releases solo track 'Chandelier'

Listen now: Sia releases solo track 'Chandelier'

Reminiscent of Rihanna

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Australian artist Sia is readying the release of her first album in four years — and the first single, 'Chandelier' has been revealed

Australian singer, songwriter and performer Sia has released her latest track, Chandelier – and it creates a sound reminiscent of the star she wrote the track Diamonds for, Rihanna.

Having written and performed as a featured artist alongside many a famous name for a long time, the 38-year-old rising star has made a move into territory of her own, and plans to release a solo album after a four year wait. On this song in particular, taken from said album, Sia's voice soars on the choruses – proving that the vocalist on David Guetta's Titanium and Flo Rida's Wild Ones hasn't lost any of her talented appeal. According to MTV, the acclaimed lyricist co-wrote the song, initially thinking it would be a good fit for Rihanna, Beyonce or Katy Perry – however she decided to keep it for herself.

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